Bioresonance Therapy

Bio-resonance is a form of therapy used in holistic or complementary medicine. It is a non-invasive therapy using the biophysics of the body. These measurements are then used to diagnose disease. It is suitable for children and babies as well as sensitive adults, and does not interfere with conventional treatments.


"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies" - Albert Einstein

Bio-resonance therapy is beneficial for almost any condition. With BRT, the underlying causes of chronic and degenerative diseases can be dealt with. BRT is best known for treating stress factors that may contribute to illness or dysfunction. Stress can cause aches and pains, fatigue, digestive upsets, constipation, and even skin blemishes, or just a general feeling of being unwell.

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The Nidana Diagnostics Lab Test is an investigation into your field using a clinical grade bioresonance diagnostic device

Sound waves of known resonant frequencies corresponding to microorganisms, pathologies, allergies, toxins, and many others are broadcast into your field/DNA and the resultant resonance is measured, resolved, and organized for practical use.

  • Accurately determine important frequencies resonating in your field.

  • Quick, easy, and discreet.

  • Available to everyone everywhere.

We offer a local and live session:

  • Visit our private location or request our mobile lab (where available)

  • Learn about this modern technology first hand.

  • Access Meta-therapy 


Types of inspections available:

Microorganisms (aka parasites, pathogens) – we check for the presence of acute/chronic infections and active parasites in the body.  126 different types of microorganisms can be identified.

Some of the main microorganisms tested include:

  • bacteria – e coli, h pylori, kingella, salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, toxoplasma, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, borrelia

  • fungus – aspergillus, candidas, mucor

  • protozoa – giardia, histolytica, leishmania, Entamoeba

  • viruses – coronavirus, adenovirus, AIDS, cytomegalovirus, Ebola, Epstein-Barr, hepatitis, influenza, rhinovirus, rotavirus

  • worms – Ascaris, roundworm, fluke, hookworm, pinworm, threadworm, trichinella, tapeworm


Pathology – check for the presence of disease and injury conditions currently taking place.  667 different types of pathologies can be identified.

Emotion Matrix - check for the presence of emotional blockages in organs, glands, and tissues.


Toxins – check for the presence of toxins including alcohol, caffeine, carbon monoxide, chemicals, dairy, drugs, food, gluten, injury, other metals, radiation, sugar, tobacco.  30 different types of toxins can be identified.

Heavy Metals - check for the presence of heavy metals in organs, glands, and tissues.


Allergens – check for the presence of allergic elements including chemicals, drugs, foods, heavy metals, household.  181 different types of allergens can be identified.

Many more topics and etalons are available for research upon request. 

If you are interested in receiving wellness guidance please contact us regarding Wellness Packages which can be ordered together with the Diagnostics Test or at any time after you have ordered this test.

This is not a medical examination.  Please consider verifying the information contained in the report by medical means where applicable.  If you have pre-existing pathologies or microorganisms, they might not be reported if they are currently not active.